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Why you should take a TEFL course to start teaching English overseas

Thinking of teaching English abroad? You’ve probably stumbled upon the legendary “TEFL certification” once, twice, thrice, or a million times. TEFL is to teaching English abroad as fish is to chips. 

Long story short, TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) courses will get you certified to instruct the young and old alike in countries around the world in English. Thanks to globalisation and the massive demand for English education basically everywhere, TEFL jobs abroad are sizzling hot. That’s fantastic news for any intrepid adventurer looking to relocate abroad, but with the market maturing and changing, competition for coveted teaching positions is also on the rise.

Why take TEFL? Think of the TEFL course as a financial investment. You’ll dish out a bit more up-front compared to those who teach English abroad without certification, but over time that certification matures into a money tree. Plus, these days, not many institutes even consider an application without both degree and TEFL qualifications.

The cost to take TEFL courses varies by company, certification hours, and locations. For example, taking a course at home is a lot cheaper than committing to the classroom courses, and who doesnt like to save on cash these days?  So, this is what we specialise in, and here at Marmaris Recruitment we are lucky enough to deal with some excellent online TEFL providers that send us some AMAZING discounts! 

This months offers are included below:

Option 1: 150 Hour TEFL online course:
Fee:  An absolutely excellent price of £129.99 GBP, which includes with tutor support.

This 150 hour comprehensive TEFL Master course will equip you with all the educational and personal skills you need to teach English to any age group. 

All key topics are covered, such as teaching Grammar and Vocabulary, Lesson Planning and Classroom Management.  The course includes many other tips to help you prepare for teaching abroad.

Bonus Points:

-Accessible on any tablet, IPAD, laptop or desktop
-12 easy to follow modules
-24/7 access all year round
-Personal tutor
-Educational videos and fun quizzes

The syllabus includes:
Module 1: TEFL world
Module 2: The roles of the teacher
Module 3: The roles of the learner
Module 4: Pronunciation
Module 5: Teaching grammar
Module 6: Teaching vocabulary, receptive and productive skills
Module 7: Lesson planning
Module 8: Professional classroom teaching skills
Module 9: Classroom management
Module 10: Testing and assessment
Module 11: Games and activities
Module 12: TEFL career begins

The Fine Print:
-6-month access to course from date of redemption.
-No refunds or cancellation.
-Must be 18 or older.
-Internet connection required.

-Merchant's certificate of completion included for successful participants.

Option 2: 120 Hour TEFL online course:
Fee:  Amazing price of £99.99 GBP!!

The syllabus includes:
The TEFL world
The roles of the teacher
The roles of the learner
Teaching grammar
Teaching vocabulary, receptive and productive skills
Lesson planning
Classroom management
Testing and assessment
Starting a TEFL career

Tutor support and placement assistance included

The Fine Print:
-Course content available for 6 months from registration date.
-No refunds or cancellation.

-Internet connection required.

-Must be 18 or older.

-Merchant's certificate of completion included for successful participants.

What are you waiting for?  Start your TEFL journey now!

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