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Most job seekers have these main questions in mind when deciding on whether or not to have a professional CV made:
-Why do I need a Professional Written Resume?
-Why should I pay for a Professional Resume?
-Will a Professionally Written Resume help in getting interviews?

Here's what the experts say about it . . .

By giving your CV to us you will gain a wealth of knowledge in what hiring managers look for when evaluating your curriculum vitae. We also help you with specific wording, positioning, advance editing and organisation of your CV, so you can market your skills and experience to potential employers more effectively than a "home-made" CV could, and, it increases your chances of securing an interview by a healthy 70%.

Anyone can write their own CV, at no cost to themselves, but this doesn't always achieve the most professional result, and that is why many experienced and educated job seekers are unable to get interviews. Sometimes, even with excellent experience, it is hard to convey your professional abilities and skills. It can be a struggle to put down on paper what you have achieved through your career in a way that makes you stand out to potential employers, so here, our top CV writers who are expert's in drafting and witting CV's, are able to to make your new CV 'pop'.

We will help put your CV into a professionally written format that shows potential employers why you are the right for them. You have to remember that a CV is a marketing tool and to use it correctly, it needs to be written in a professional and recruitment point of view.

Our professional writers are a second pair of eyes, they have HR, CV scanning, selection and recruitment experience which is crucial to notice mistakes that you may not see.  Your CV needs to be cut down to the crucial information only which a lot of people find difficult. It needs to be to the point, without missing out the vital information that employers are looking for.  That's where we come in and produce the highest quality CV, guaranteeing that you will absolutely love it, and as a thank you for using our services, we offer unlimited revision.

The Cost:

For our VIP registered members the fee for this service is:  73.50 USD.

For candidates that just want to use this service and non of our other services, the fee for this service is:  147.00 USD.

But can you really put a price on gaining a powerful, professional CV?

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