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Dear ESL Candidate,

Thank you for interest in our Teaching positions and for getting in touch. We have put together some valuable information with regards to placements and more, plus a link with info on TEFL courses:

TEFL Courses (with an exclusive 10% discount)

The following information is to give you an insight to how the agency works. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or queries using the contact details at the bottom.

We work with candidates just like yourself as well as various Teaching Academies in Turkey (and beyond) that use our services for exactly the same reason. You want to work in Turkey (or beyond), and the Academy requires a teacher!

To start the process we need your CV (if you have not already sent it), plus the following:
-Qualifications (we are looking for a university degree and teaching certificate preferably)
-Date available to start
-Current location
-Where you wish to find employment or if you are flexible

We are now in full swing of recruitment for not just positions that need filling urgently, but also for the new term, so it does tend to be very busy as employers are constantly updating their listings.

Please note: We do not advertise all vacant positions as we fill them very quickly with VIP registered members.

If you are thinking about joining our team as a VIP member and wonder whats in it for you, let us explain here:

-We create a VIP members profile for you in our VIP bank. Your contact details are kept private of course, but this lets us really show case your individual talents and skills. It give employers the opportunity to learn a little more about you as a person than simply viewing your CV.
-You are added to our exclusive VIP mailing list - This lets you know as and when new positions are available.
-And most importantly: We circulate your CV among our many and varied employers. This way the employer does not have to advertise the position as they already have decent quality applications in hand from us. We have found this method to be highly successful in placing our VIP members. Not forgetting that we also conduct various follow ups with employers, arrange interviews, facilitate placements, and offer aftercare where needed.

Please note that the VIP service is reserved for fully registered members only.

And a little bit about our employers:

Well, they want to recruit staff that are serious about taking on work overseas, who doesn't right?  Unfortunately all too often candidates drop out of contracts at the last minute, even after the work permits have been arranged, which is costly in itself.  This is something we are trying to stop as much as possible, and we have found that when a candidate decides to join us as a VIP member, this is usually overcome, as when a small fee is paid studies have found that people are more likely to stick to their obligations, in this case, arriving to the place and country of employment.

So, employers always ask us if we have any suitable VIP members that we can recommend for the position at hand - And, of course we have!

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: To use our VIP service you are required to register with us. Don’t let this scare you. Registration is very simple to do and takes all of 2 minutes on our website. The cost for VIP membership is only £44.99 Great British Pounds (or the equivalent of your preferred currency), per year that you wish to be on our books, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

And the great thing about all of this is that we do not deduct agency fees from your monthly salary as we believe that your salary should be all yours – You earned it, you should keep all of it!

Once registered you can apply and take on as many positions as you wish during your subscription period, and if taken on with the agency, we never stop promoting you - how about that!

So with all the above in mind – isn’t it about time to start your next ESL adventure?

Best Wishes,

The Marmaris International Recruitment Team


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