Canada Opportunities

We now offer positions for Au Pairs, Nannies and Carer Givers who are interested to work or immigrate to Canada.

The Canadian government announced a new foreign Caregiver program in June 2019 where caregivers/nannies essentially are pre-approved for PR (Permanent Residence status) before their work permit is approved which is a very attractive program for many nationalities.

Requirements for all positions:

-IELTS score minimum of 5

-Higher Education required

-For Nanny and Care Givers you are required to have experience. If your CV does not show specific experience we are not able to proceed with your application.

-Nationality of staff accepted:   

     -For Nannies and Care Givers, Filipino candidates with western working experienced are preferred, however will consider any nationality that has western working experience as either a nanny or caregiver.

     -Au Pairs:  Applications are taken from any of the following 33 countries:

Position Information:

-Accommodation:  Live in accommodation available, however families are allowed to charge for room and board, which they probably will

-Ticket: Not provided, it is the your responsibility to cover the cost
-Nanny and Care Giver applications will be pre-approved for permanent residency
-Insurance & Pension: According to Canadian labor laws, however Au Pairs will pay their own insurance
-Other terms:  According to Canadian labor laws
-Salary:  Between $12-15 per hour depending on the province, and most caregiver work is around 40 hours per week

-No more LIMA for Au Pair, Nanny and Care Giver positions

-Interview with the family required

Important Note:  As this is a full Immigration program, applicants are required to cover the cost of the immigration service fee.

Work Permit Fee:  The fees vary from CAD $5000-6500. Although the costs may seem high, this is very little compared to what some individuals pay to immigrate to Canada.

When the fee's need to be paid:  After the application has been confirmed and accepted by the family, but prior to making the work permit application.

Work Permit Document Assistance: Available.


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