Turkey Info:  Residency & Work Permits

​Please Note: ​​ We do not have information on ALL countries Residency and Work Permit info, we ask you to check your countries consulate website for full and up to date information.

To live in Turkey legally, you need to be a resident of Turkey and this means to holding a residency permit. 


Residence Permit Applications - Update from British Embassy

-Long term
-​Short term

First time applicants:

Applicants should make their Residence Permit (RP) applications before their tourist visa expires.
1. Go to the DGMM website www.goc.gov.tr (choose the English language version if required)
2. Click on E-Ikamet (e-Residence).
3. Fill in the online application form.
4. Make an online appointment with your provincial DGMM office.
5. Prepare all relevant documents. (a list of required documents is available on www.goc.gov.tr) or (existing requirements can be found here)
6. Visit the Migration Office in person on the date and time of your appointment with your relevant documents. (Full list of provinical offices can be found here)
7. Assessment of your application will follow. If there are any missing document(s) you will be given 30 days to submit the document(s) and complete the application. At the end of 30 days if the missing documentation is not then submitted the application will be considered abandoned which will lead to a penalty fee.
8. If your application is accepted you will be given a Proof of Application document and your residence permit is then issued within 90 days via the Turkish postal system to your address in Turkey.
If your application for a residence permit is unsuccessful the DGMM will contact you so departure plans can be made.

Once your application has been generated on the online system, you can legally remain in Turkey until the appointment date.
You can leave or re-enter Turkey (within 15 days) only after your application is submitted and you have the ‘Proof of Application’ document signed and stamped by the migration officer.

Renewals of Residence Permits:

Follow steps 1-3 as for first time applicants, then:
4. Pay the fee either;
a) online (print the evidence of online payment)
b) At a branch of the Ministry of Finance or banks that are appointed by the ministry (the DGMM will provide this information).
Two copies of the receipt must be attached to the relevant application.
5. Prepare all relevant documents.
6.Send your application by post/ courier to your provincial migration office.
Steps 7-8, as for first time applicants.


1. Card fee based  on 2015 is 55TL.
2. Application fee is calculated by the DGMM system according to nationality, duration and type of residence permit etc.

Turkish Visa System - 90/180 Days​ As of 1st February 2012.

This ruling comes under Turkish Law No.5683, concerning the Law on Residence and Travel of Foreigners in Turkey. Visitors will be allowed to stay for up to 90 days only, within a 180 day period.
There are still a few practicalities that require explanation, for example, how and in what circumstances can you renew your visa?
This will not affect tourists coming to Turkey for 2 weeks here and there, it is to encourage ex pats that live in Turkey to obtain a residency permit​​. It is a lot easier to have your residency permit than having to go to Greece every 90 days to renew your visa.

​​Note about Work Permits:
​You as an individual can not apply for a normal work permit - the employer has to do this for you on your behalf as the sponsor.  You can apply for an Independent work permit depending on a few details.
In most cases for the government to grant an employer a work permit for a foreigner, the candidate must a have a High School Diploma / GCSE Document / University Degree. If the candidate does not have this, the government will not grant a permit.​ For English teachers, you are required to have at least a Teaching certificate such as TEFL or CELTA, etc. Most academies will also require you to have a University degree (4 years in any area) too, however it is not always necessary.

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